Hello, my name is Andy Fisher. I am a multidisciplinary artist and tattoo artist. Click here to learn more about my artistic journey, inspirations, and creative process.

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Click here to visit the gallery of things I have made. There's a lot of diversity in subject matter, style, and artistic mediums. My explorations take me in many directions!



Clothing is a creative canvas, and we also express ourselves by decorating our environments. I've created apparel and products where colors, patterns, and illustrations collide. Express your personality with distinctive works of art!
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All of my designs are created to stand the test of time on a living canvas, your skin, as well as be beautiful adornments. For custom tattoos I manifest your vision into reality by working through a consultation process together. We will go through every part of the design, and I will trace it onto your skin, custom fitting the tattoo to your body. Your questions are all welcome and we are here to help you along the process.
The tattoo studio itself was designed to be relaxing, cozy, and welcoming. Every tattoo experience is also customized with music, movies, or silence as an option for each client.
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