About Soap Bubble Studio

Andy Fisher, founder of Soap Bubble Studio, is a talented artist and tattoo artist, born in the vibrant city of Toronto, Canada. She loves to experiment and push the boundaries of her work, constantly delving into various styles and techniques throughout her creative journey. She has a passion for art everywhere - from art festivals, to street art, to children's drawings, to beauty in nature. When you explore her portfolio you will be immersed in Andy's world, and there's so much more to share yet.

Andy Fisher, please tell us a little about how Soap Bubble Studio came to be.

One of my life dreams was to make art all day.  I created Soap Bubble Studio to centralize everything I do, since I do so many types of art. On this website the things I create have a platform. I can showcase my ideas and connect with community. Through various collaborations I can give back and influence the future in my own small way.

What kinds of art do you create?

Take a look at my gallery HERE and see!

What things inspire you?

Animals doing things, particularly bugs, frogs, and dogs.
Creative Street Art.
Folk crafts from all over the world.
Small details.
Flat 2-dimensional art.
Compositions that have a dramatic flow.

Tell us about this “eco, animal, and human conscious” ethos.

While I am still transitioning into products and practices that have less impact, I advocate the use of products that are as eco, animal, and human conscious as possible. I hope to encourage others to keep their impact in mind as they create. We can support companies that create biodegradable craft products and are environmentally friendly. We can share or sell craft supplies that would otherwise get thrown away. We can upcycle many things instead of throwing them out. We can learn from and teach one another.

What charities and community initiatives do you support?

I donate to Eva’s Initiatives, an award-winning organization that provides shelter, transitional housing, and programming to help young people build brighter futures. I also donate to reforestation and environmental causes, and organizations that give back to Indigenous communities.

As Soap Bubble Studio grows I intend to collaborate with other artists, emerging artists, and artists from marginalized communities. If you would like to collaborate message me HERE and tell me about yourself and your idea.

I see you do Live Art for events and live-stream DJ sets. How can I book you?

Send me a message HERE with all the info and let’s chat!

What would you like to leave us with?

Being creative makes humans happy, so let’s make stuff and pursue a future that is healthier for everyone and everything.